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Posted by TyyobrO - March 12th, 2012

It's my only problem with the new re-design. I love the look of the site, the new categories for all the movies and games, but the "Under Judgement" page seems less "upfront" than before. Before all the newest submissions were right on the front page, easily visible and color-coded by score and whether or not it passed judgement yet. Now, a user would have to purposely go into the "Under Judgement" section to see all the newest submissions :/ I'd think it make it harder for the less popular and lower-scoring movies to get as much publicity as they did before. Anyway, that's my two cents, and other than that I love the new layout! :)

Posted by TyyobrO - July 30th, 2011

I've been using flash for a while now, but I've recently heard that Toon Boom is a better "animating" program while Flash is more for "web-based content". So I downloaded the Studio trial to see for myself. So far, I'm finding it kinda confusing and that it's not worth learning another program when I like flash so much already.

Well if anyone has some friendly input to put me straight between Flash and Toon Boom, I'd be glad to hear it.

Posted by TyyobrO - August 26th, 2010

I'm working on my first ever Madness Day submission and its coming along great, but I'll tell you this right now; it doesn't look like one from this screenshot I'm about to give you.

My First Madness Day Submission

Posted by TyyobrO - August 25th, 2010

I usually make a new post when a submit a new cartoon, but I forgot. Anyway, here it is!
Don't Feed the Elephant

Posted by TyyobrO - August 14th, 2009

Posted by TyyobrO - April 25th, 2009

Posted by TyyobrO - March 2nd, 2009

Good thing because I didn't do my homework.

Posted by TyyobrO - September 21st, 2008

My friends and I made this stupid thing with Audacity and it ended up getting 38th in the best voice acting things.

People these days.

You can listen to it here http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /172901.

Posted by TyyobrO - August 19th, 2008

Posted by TyyobrO - August 17th, 2008

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This guy is one of the most awesome comedians in my opinion.