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Dang, it just kept going! Really, really stellar animation. A lot of dynamic perspectives/shot variety. My favorite part was the quick cuts of all the ways GildedGuy was getting beaten before finally reconstructing himself.

The whole thing felt so epic. Makes me excited to go animate. Great job.

Ha, wasn't expecting to like this so much! Nice job!

Great stuff! Wow! Just checking back into Newgrounds after a while away and I get to see this! This kind of energetic, fun animation collab is my favorite thing to watch. And wow, some of that animation was SO good! Reminds me of "Megalizer". Wish I can be a part of something like this some day. ANd hope you guys make more too!

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Very NIce

but I was hoping for that award...:(

Rabid-Animals responds:

Sorry 'bout that, fella. I won't be submitting anything for a while, so go and get 'em!

A very thought-out tutorial.

It was nice how you put everything into categories and put videos of how to do things. One helpful thing I've learned is while lip-syncing is to select the sound in the timeline, go to properties and change the thing that says Event to Stream. This will make the sound play through when sliding through it (with the drag thing)

Very cool!

It's an awesome game all-around especially the new execution feature, but there could be more things that could make this game even better. Things like more executions, more weapons (if there aren't enough already), be able to upgrade your weapon's rate of fire,power,etc.

P.S. What happened to all the zombies?!

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Awesome Song

I hope you don't mind that I'm using it my cartoon.

Getting better at animating everyday.

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